Never Lose Your Check Engine Light Again

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That are entrepreneurs and we provide jobs we build businesses we don’t we’re not motivated to make more money we’re actually scared it’s ing insane I I get really passionate about this because I hate the fact that people like me that are workers get hindered by government like government regulations and taxes and and and that’s why I do these YouTube videos is because.

I want to spread the word about entrepreneurship and business because once people understand you know is they do business people know how to do business they’ll realize holy Sh you know I’m getting crazy taxes how does this happen and they research and they figure out it’s because people are like doing social like doing crazy social programs that don’t work they’re doing a lot of you know imposing regulations.

That hinder businesses like in California they just passed the law that stores have to charge you for plastic bags it’s like cents a bag and guess who pays for that the business right and guess guess who pays that the customer so everything goes up food goes up the the the the business is like well now I got a ing paper bag I got I got to pay grand a year to stop the bag so I can’t take those grand to blow up.

My business it becomes all screwed up so so one of the reasons I do the videos is just like a spread the word of entrepreneurship and the more people know about business and entrepreneurship the better society becomes because more and more people realize we don’t want a big government we want a smaller government that doesn’t impose taxes and regulations okay do I haven’t really read about choosing the mechanic business path no I do not I love what I do the only thing I don’t like about it is that it goes counterintuitive with what I believe as a businessman as a businessman you want to have a monopoly in your business because.

You don’t want to have any competition and guess what I choose a business that has a shit ton of competition there’s ten other shops right next to me that do the exact same thing I do how the hell do I differentiate myself this is a bad business to be in it’s not a monopoly because you know as a business owner.

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